November 5, 2016



UPDATE: This Could Be Yours!

Plant these with your triticale early in the fall. The clover will rosette and go through the winter ready for early growth in the spring! It appears that plugging up every other hole in the grain drill was one of the keys to success. Mix these clovers with your spring planted oats or triticale. Cut your triticale and/or oat planting rate to nearly 1/2. 

One of our annual Clovers in establishment phase with Triticale. Every other hole of the grain drill was plugged. This proved to be crucial.



Justin Ferrell, Valley Falls, Oregon
"We planted the clover with our 50 lb of oats per acre. We broadcast the clover out of our small drill box and roller packed it in. The clover added about 1 1/4 ton more yield to our oat hay. The feed value was unbelievable! We had trouble getting the oats/clover through our swather. WE WILL DO THIS AGAIN! From a side view our oats/clover mix appears to be all oats until you sit on the swather and look down. Now you see the financial rewards going into the windrows! This mix will MAKE YOU MONEY!!" 


Side view

View from Swather