November 14, 2016

360-V (five)–5 Dormancy Alfalfa

Greenway 360-V (five)

Here's what can happen when an alfalfa variety does not have resistance to Stem Nematode. 360-V (five) is a great alfalfa for a potato rotation.

Hay growers make more money in colder areas! Fall dormancy “5”, winter hardiness “1”. It is common knowledge that you can cut heavier 1st and heavier 3rd or 4th cuts with a class 5 alfalfa, but they usually die out in colder areas. Not so with 360-V (five)! This unique variety has an unbelievable winter hardiness rating of 1! It has the highest W.H. rating available! A bigger hay stack of 3rd or 4th cutting will make your more money! You’ve got to try this alfalfa. 360-V (five) has Nemagone bloodlines. We’ve had 10 1/2 ton yields in Hermiston, Oregon with Nemagone! 360-V (five) is HIGHLY resistant to stem Nematode!